Next-generation GPS-based performance meter and lap timer

Powerful. Efficient. Professional.

Individual track mode

– Over 200 maps of race tracks worldwide
– Integrated Google maps
– Creation of customised tracks

Online rankings

– Sign up and share your results on Facebook and WeChat
– Online ranking

Customised drag modes

0-100 km/h (0-60 mph)
100-200km/h (60-120 mph)
0-400m (1/4 mile)
0-800m (1/2 mile)

Altitude and slope control

– Accuracy check before uploading
– Slope > 1% as invalid
– Mobile phone video recording for ranking

Greater accuracy, more precise results

  • We use the latest UBLOX decoder chip
    Implementation of GPS / GLONASS / Beidou multi-star positioning system
    MPU6050 6-axis sensor

How does PGEAR work?

The PGEAR P610 is equipped with a built-in GPS receiver and accelerometer, allowing all necessary measurements to be taken on the track or quarter-mile. All measurements are displayed in real time via the app on the smartphone. In addition, all settings can be made via the smartphone. The connection between the smartphone and the P-Gear P610 is via Bluetooth.


  • Measure acceleration and deceleration power in KM/H or MPH.
    MPH – 0-60mph, 0-130mph, 60-130mph, 100-150mph, 100-200mph and more!
    KMH – 0-100kmh, 100-200kmh, 200-300kmh, 60-160kmh, 0-200kmh and more!
    Distance measurement (ft) or (m) – 60ft, 0-200m (1/8 mile), 0-400m (1/4 mile), 0-800m (1/2 mile) and more!
    20hz – 20 measurements per second are recorded to provide verified, accurate results time after time!


  • P-Gear includes all major racing and carting tracks. While driving, P-Gear automatically records speed, lap time, G-forces, video playback and more.

Not alone,
all brought together

Different lists, straight start/dynamic start, customised track, standard track, for different groups, real-time updates, you can always find suitable opponents, watch, learn, compete;

Technische Daten

Technical Data


IOS 8.0
Android 5.0


66x66x16 mm

Battery life

up to 6 hours




GPS, GLONASS, Beidou Samsung

Technische Daten